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Magnum Board® a Green Material with a limited 30 year warranty addresses:

- Fire: Magnum Board® is virtually Impervious to fire.
- Magnum Board®
is Non-combustible and non-flammable
- Mould: Magnum Board® is virtually Impervious to mould and fungus
- Magnum Board® will not feed mould or fungus
- Water: Magnum Board® will not rot
- Magnum Board® does not delaminate, maintains dimensional integrity
Freeze / Thaw: Magnum Board® is unaffected by temperature fluctuations
- Salt proof: Magnum Board®
is unaffected by salt and ice-melt.
UV Rays: Magnum Board® is unaffected by UV rays of the sun which are very damaging to other building materials.
- Impervious to Rodent and insect: Magnum Board®
eliminates need for toxic pest control chemicals
- Impact resistant: Magnum Board® is
very durable = less maintenance
- Does not off-gas: Magnum Board® is
100% toxin free
- Asbestos and formaldehyde: Magnum Board® is
100% toxin free
- Magnum Board® is Fully tested: in accordance with AC386 published by the ICC-ES, using specified ASTM test methods for all products marketed and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for all fire products marketed.

Live, work and play in a healthier environment

Building or renovating? Ask your designer and builder to specify Magnum Board® or contact us for your closest Magnum Board® authorized local dealer.


Magnum Board® is your best option and replaces:

- Drywall. Magnum Board® is impact resistant, saves installation time and money.  Paint your wall the day it is installed.  No drying time or material waste (average 20% waste with drywall), mess or dumping fees.  Magnum Board® gives you a beautiful level 5 finish in less time and for less money.  For interior walls, Magnum Board® is typically taped and mudded with drywall compound just like Gypsum Board. For your convenience, we offer both square and tapered edge product.

Magnum Board® only requires the seams and fastener holes be finished and that is quick and easy to do. You achieve a level 5 wall finish with little effort and quickly. The installed cost is much lower than using gypsum drywall.

- OSB & Plywood. Magnum Board® will not breakdown or delaminate like OSB and Plywood even after lengthy immersion in water or exposure to moisture and freeze / thaw cycles and will not grow mold. Cement Board. Cement board is made in layers and also delaminates. For example if you screw it into a structure, over time, the layers bubble around the screw or nail and the wall puffs out making it unsightly. Magnum Board® lasts and lasts and lasts. - Siding product. Magnum Board®’s integrity remains constant through freeze / thaw cycles and can be used as siding in any climate.


Magnum Board® is unaffected by exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays.

Use Magnum Board® for:

- Exterior walls
- Interior walls
- Floor underlayment
- Fire and Acoustical
- Backer board
- Window sills
- Soffits
- Facia
- High Moisture areas like, kitchens, bathrooms, pool rooms, locker rooms etc.

Healthy Material: Magnum Board® does not contain any:

- Asbestos
- Formaldehyde
- Solvents
- Oils
- Heavy metal
- Toxins

Magnum Board® waste can be disposed off in landfills without any fear of environmental damage or contamination.

The manufacturing process is virtually energy free. The entire process is conducted at room

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